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PT. Dan Liris

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PT. Dan Liris


Kelurahan Banaran
Kecamatan Grogol, Sukoharjo [Indonesia]

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PT. Dan Liris

Employing over 8,000 workers and using sophisticated machineries, PT Danliris occupies an important position in the integrated textile industry in Indonesia. Danliris is located in Sukoharjo (Solo), Central Java, and the factory of PT Danliris occupies an area of 500,000 square meters. The turnover of the company has increased from year to year. In the export of textile and textile products PT Danliris now occupies a dominant position in securing export devise to countries applying non quotas. Research and development efforts are carried out to boost the quality and superiority of products. This expertise of human resources is continuously boosted to be constantly prepared to meet the demands for efficiency and quality of production. The competitive edge enjoyed by PT Danliris lies in its efficient process of production resulting from the use of appropriate technologies and skilled workers as well as innovations and creativity in creating design and patterns of textiles which suit the taste of consumers, the quality of textile and service. The Hema Award was conferred upon the company as an international recognition on the product of PT Danliris In the process of production extreme attention is given to the control over quality. Total quality control is carried out stringently not only to products but also to raw materials. PT Danliris produces yarn with a quality that has won recognition. The yarns produced are made of cotton fibres 100 %, polyester 100% or a mixture of both. PT Danliris has gained international confidence to produce garments with well known brands such as Mark&Spencer, British Home Store, House of Frazier, Awry, Silver Ox, Day Ty etc. The garment department produces according to orders received largely from Europe, Japan, USA and Australia.

With almost 30 years of experience in Garment industry, Danliris has transformed into a giant garment and product manufacturer with the highest quality and productivity in the world in single location. Danliris’s factory is situated on a strategic and advantageous place in Central Java-Indonesia. It is an ideal location called Banaran Laweyan at Solo city that can assemble intensive labors for ± 3900 local people. Danliris have 4 factories there are:
• Factory 1, establish in 1976 the special product are men's formal shirt both with or without taping.
• Factory 2, the special products are woven men's wear, school wear & ladies wear.
• Factory 3, the special products are ladies wear and night wear, trunk, men's, casual wear.
• Factory 4, the special products are men's shirt for Mark & Spencer Orders.

Iso 9001 Cetificate

Marks & Spencer Standard Accreditation


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• Yarn Combed
• Yarn Carded
• Fabric Knit
• Fabric Woven
• Apparel Knit
• Apparel Woven

Contact: 'PT. Dan Liris'Contact: 'PT. Dan Liris'

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PT. Dan Liris



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