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Hacı Sabancı Organize Sanayi Bölgesi
Yakapınar, Adana [Turkey]

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BOSSA Joint-Stock Company was established in 1951and is one of Turkey’s largest vertically integrated textile manufacturers with a total of four production plants located on 1 million square meters of land with 2.400 employees. Bossa’s shares are listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange with a free float of 32%.

Production capacity:
Million Mt. 2009 2008 2007
• Denim & Sportswear 21,7 25,8 33,8
• Formal & Smart Casualwear 9,3 11,5 15,9
• Shirting 3,7 7 9,8
• Total Production 34,7 44,3 59,5

Bossa’s production spectrum offers a diverse collection of fabric types:

• Formal & Smart Casual wear
• Denim & Sportswear
• Shirting

Bossa Shirting is one of the leading companies in global market, with wide range of products: %100 cotton, Cotton/Lycra, Cotton/Keten, Tencel/Keten, Tencel/Cotton, Cotton/Naylon, Cotton/Naylon/Lycra, Cotton/PES.

The main product range is yarn-dyed and piece-dyed Shirting fabric from Ne 30/1 to Ne 160/2 with a wide range of yarn.

Also, Bossa Shirting offeres various finish process options for: Non-iron, Easy Care, ETI, Nano care Lisa, Biancalani, Natural stretch, Aloavera, Aloavera easy care, and Anti bacterial coating.


Type of Product


Range of Product

• Sprtswear Farbics
• Denim Fabrics
• Shirting Farbics
• Formal & Smart Casual Fabrics

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