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Acabados Finos Textiles

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Acabados Finos Textiles


Avenida Cuauhtemoc 148-1 Colonia Agricola Ignacio
Zaragoza, Puebla [Mexico]

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Acabados Finos Textiles

At the beginnings of 1986, a dream developed an idea, then this idea turned into a reality becoming to what we know today as ACAFINTEX

When projecting an industry, techniques have to be chosen not only by the convictions and experiences of the investors, but also by factors of different ilk for which it is imperative to identify the principal markets for the product.

Thanks to the cautious selection of our personnel and the excellent handle of our process, including dying and finishing of an extensive variety of fabrics, we have accomplished an staggering and well positioned role in the regional and international arena on the textile industry.

We transform our great wealth of technological and scientific future oriented knowledge into attractive services for the world markets, generating a value added to maximize the benefit of our clients, collaborators and stockholders.

The mission and principal objective that our company has established from its origins as to mutual benefit among the corporations we service with honesty, integrity and flexibility without scarifying quality and security.


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Acabados Finos Textiles



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