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Dhaka Exporters

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Dhaka Exporters


2nd Floor House-153, Road-4 New D.O.H.S
Mohakhali, Dhaka [Bangladesh]

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Dhaka Exporters

Dhaka Exporters is a garment apparels export hub initiated by Mr. Quazi Monirul Alam and Mr. Zakir Hussain.

Our president Mr. Quazi Monirul Alam has been involved on textile trading, export and import since 1976. He has been manufacturing garments apparels from 1983 exporting to the US, Europe and major Asian Countries. Attaining success in this trade he expanded his business to financial services, becoming the founder director/sponsor of NCC Bank Limited in 1993. Fashion and textile has always been his point of interest, Dhaka Exporters is his vision of an online textile trading point.

Our Executive Director Mr. Zakir Hussain has been a pioneer to many garments manufacturer in the country. His career started off in 1984 at the production lines of Dragon Sweaters as a production and marketing manager, catering the industry for almost a decade. In 1993, he started garments manufacturing consultancy establishing over 30 garments industry that is still in production today. In the same year he established his trading/buying house Aptraz Limited which has gained its reputation serving brands and stores like Diesel-Germany, Aldi-Germany, Tin Tin-Belgium ,Walmart-USA and Carrefour. His vast sourcing capability and production line experience is an asset to our organisation and a benefit to our buyers.

Our past experiences in trading and manufacturing has enabled us to spread our wings to offer buyers services required from basic information regarding garment apparels to delivery at the buyer’s destination. Our vast sourcing network allows us to obtain garment apparels of latest trend and offer our buyers with the most competitive prices and more importantly maintaining the high standard quality of our product ensured by our quality control managers.


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• Men's Garments
• Women's Garments
• Kid's Garments

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Dhaka Exporters



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