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Komal Group of Industries

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Komal Group of Industries


4026/27 World Trade Center, Udhana Darwaja, Ring Road
Surat, Gujarat [India]

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Komal Group of Industries

Komal Group of Industries is a leading indenter in the field of Textiles & Yarns world-wide. Manufacturers and Exporters for DTY yarns since 1994 is Located at Surat, where the textile industry is known to be the oldest ,fastest and one of the widespread industrial field which has been proven with its outstanding performance of its 10% growth in the last five years.” Our manufacturing plant is situated at “Karanj”which is about 40 km away from it’s headquarter. With more than 16 years of experience and continuous thinking ahead –We at Komal, “Goal” to export DTY yarns with its best innovation and Quality Assurance. Komal Group of Industries is determined to give the best quality products and service to its esteemed buyers from all over the world & satisfy their needs for all their requirements for Drawn Textured Yarns (DTY).

Our Constant Implementation of new ideas and delivering value through technological leadership has not only resulted in making our Company one of the most trusted and renowned Exporters but also giving us exceptional Solutions meeting the highest technical requirements. Our Manufacturing DTY production capacity is, 12,000 ton/annum, which started its first plant in 1994 and was further, expanded several times due to its increasing demand. It also has a target to reach the capacity to reach 2000 tons/annum. The functioning of our manufacturing unit functions with continuously updated new textile technology and products remain globally accepted according to manufacturing standards as, they are tested and inspected continuously.

Komal Group of Indisturies has as taken all measures to build & maintain its image in Textile Industry and is well known for its business in DTY Yarns. The company has a strong support with valued multinationals and leaders in yarn industry and a strong cliental network in Asian, European and American continents and various other countries. We offer our customers a the best deal possible and this has been possible with the extensive knowledge and experince in manufacturing DTY Yarns.

Started with a turnover of 20 Million INR, company has succesfully reach to a turnover of 800 Million INR and have been growing very fast.


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• NIM Yarn
• LIM Yarn
• SIM Yarn
• HIM Yarn

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Komal Group of Industries



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