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All Tex Exim Pvt Ltd

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All Tex Exim Pvt Ltd


426,'C' Wing, International Trade Center, Majura Gate
Surat, Gujarat [India]

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All Tex Exim Pvt Ltd

All Tex Exim Pvt. Ltd. is a Surat-India based leading company for a huge assortment of Textile Yarn since last 15 years and enjoys association with various manufacturers in India. The company is engaged in indenting of Polyester/Nylon/Viscose/Cotton Yarn, Embroidery Threads, PET Chips and in sourcing of different Chemicals with Best Quality, Service Competitive Price and Timely Delivery. In addition to this, the company has set benchmarks of excellence by rendering products and service that have earned appreciation in the entire domestic market and acquire distinguished position.


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Polyester Yarn
Viscose Yarn
Cotton Yarn
Embroidery Threads

Contact: 'All Tex Exim Pvt Ltd'Contact: 'All Tex Exim Pvt Ltd'

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All Tex Exim Pvt Ltd



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