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Naseeb Fashions Clothing Private Limited

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Naseeb Fashions Clothing Private Limited


#333/1, Paper Mills Road, IInd Floor, Perambur
Chennai, Tamil Nadu [India]

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Naseeb Fashions Clothing Private Limited

Naseeb Fashions Clothing Pvt. Ltd. is a major player in the Industrial Workwear/Uniforms across the globe. We have a heritage of leadership to honor and preserve.
Incepted in the year 1984, a privately owned firm, Naseeb Fashions Clothing Pvt. Ltd. is counted among established names in the manufacturing, supplying and exporting of qualitative Workwear/Uniforms especially for colleges, University, Hospital, Pharmaceuticals, Hotel & Food Industries, Automobile Industries, Beverages & Distilleries and other Industries.

We have invested on the development of our infrastructural facilities. Along with our infrastructure, our team of professionals is our asset. They hold expertise in their field and keep abreast with the latest developments in the industry. Thus we are enabled to offer market relevant products and improvise on the existing range. With all the facilities in our favor we are enabled to offer quality based products to our clients. These products can be customized in any of the parameters cited by our clients. This ability makes us even more appealing to our clients and assists us in gaining firm ground. Henceforth we are at par with our international counterparts.

Our organization was established & founded by Mr. M.A. Rashid who is a legend of this industry and followed by our Chairman Mr. Peeran Mohideen Babu and his mission and vision has been carried forward by P. M. Shaheen Vajid Director/CEO. Their decades of industrial presence has given them in-depth understanding of the clientele requirement. Henceforth we not only cater to the National but also International Market. We are making efforts in furthering our clientele base in every country and continent of the globe.


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Hospital Uniforms
Industrial Uniforms
School Uniforms
Work Wear

Contact: 'Naseeb Fashions Clothing Private Limited'Contact: 'Naseeb Fashions Clothing Private Limited'

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Naseeb Fashions Clothing Private Limited



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