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Updated On: 11/11/2011

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Maximo Group


Hannan Plaza, Plot 2, Road 1/A, Sector 9,
Uttara, Dhaka [Bangladesh]

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aximo Ltd was established in 2007, to cater to the high-end fashioned apparel industry. In a short period of time, the company has emerged from supplying basic knitwear to International Buyers to working with major labels like GAP, H&M and Walmart.

Today the company is manufacturing branded woven dress shirts, cargo pants, denim trousers and jackets, sweaters and all knitwear products to our clients across Europe & the Americas.

The company's vision is quite simple. By offering our customers quality products at competitive prices with shorter lead time and on-time shipments, it will ensure steady long-term growth on our part. It will also help create new jobs; train the unskilled workers and bringing them to the international level of standards at the same time contribute to the local economy.


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Woven Wear

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