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Updated On: 11/30/2011

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Bengal Knittex Ltd


Landmark Building (4th Floor), 12-14
Gulshan North, Dhaka [Bangladesh]

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Bengal Knittex Ltd. (BKL) is an ISO 9001:2008 certified, export oriented readymade garments manufacturer specializing in all kinds of fleece and knits items. It is housed in its own building surrounding an area of 42,000 sq.ft. comprising of 10 lines with an average 36 machines in each line, supported by 750 workers and staff.

BKL has been in the apparel industry for more than 18 years and has a good reputation as a financially sound and ethical business house and possesses strong b2b network of buyers, raw materials and technology. The determination to achieve superior customer service and on-time delivery has earned BKL recognition as an invaluable player in the supply chain.


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Fleece Garments
Knitted Garments

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