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Textile Industry

Wahid Engineering Company, Faisalabad, Pakistan

Address: Odeon Street, Samundri Road, Faisalabad 38090 Punjab Pakistan
Segment: Manufacturing, Exporting, Textile Accessories
Expertise: Textile Machinery
Phone: 9241-8547331 / 8542330 / 8716330
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Wahid Engineering Company, Faisalabad, Pakistan

Manufacturer & Exporter of Textile Machinery

Our story begins in 1955, when Mian Abdul Wahid started manufacturing textile machinery in Faisalabad (then Lyalpur). They manufactured Grey Cloth Weaving Machine in 1957. Then President of Pakistan Field Marshal Muhammad Ayub Khan presented the Trophy during Industrial Exhibition in Lyalpur in 1962.

This reward encouraged them a lot and in 1963, Mian Abdul Wahid, the founder of this company took a very revolutionary step and manufactured Terry Towel Loom keeping in view the technical knowledge of the weavers in Pakistan.

Company demonstrated their 1st Terry Towel Loom model WPT in 1965. Later stage it played a major role in the export of towel. The company manufactured Sectional Warping Machine, Cone Winder and Drop Box 1×4 to complete the Towel Weaving Units, requirements.

The young, energetic, devoted, agile, boy [Mian Abdul Wahid] entered in to this engineering field with the aim to do some thing, best and his efforts are continued since 1988 to this date.

He started working on the improvement of terry towel loom with the installation of latest devices, Cop-change battery magazine, Positive Letting of Motion for Ground & Pile beams and fast reed beating up systems. These Models “WAT” and “WST” are performing very successfully.

We were agreed with the towel-weaving sector to produce required terry towel loom. In this way we started working on this subject. This Model “WST” of terry towel loom is very much renowned in the market, countrywide.

Our development section kept on trying to produce the patrons of terry towel loom the most reliable, rigid and accurate in performance.

In 1997, we improved the quality of our Models “WST” & “WAT” to “WST-1″ & “WAT-1″ respectively because it was the demand of weaving sector, for heavy designing of towel. The production & performance of these two models are about equivalent to shuttle less towel loom. Since 2004, We are working under ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management System to integrate our products to others.

Wahid Engineering Company, Faisalabad, Pakistan: Products

  • Weaving Machine
  • Warping Machine
  • Winding Machine

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