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Wuxi Sunsky Machinery Co. Ltd., Wuxi, Jiangsu, China

Wuxi Sunsky Machinery Co. Ltd., Wuxi, Jiangsu, China

Address: Youlian Industry Zone, Qianzhou, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China
Segment: Manufacturing, Exporting
Expertise: Textile Machinery
Phone: (+86) 138 587-10615
e-mail: sales@sunsky-machine.com
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Wuxi Sunsky Machinery Co. Ltd., Wuxi, Jiangsu, China: Company Profile

Manufacturers & Exporters of Textile Machinery

Sunsky is an experienced machinery manufacturer and exporter since 2000, it’s located in Wuxi, JiangSu Province, China. We’re focusing on dyeing and finishing machines for various textiles. After a decade of innovations and development, Sunsky becomes an expert in the field of fabric dyeing machines, including normal temperature dyeing machine, high temperature dyeing machine, rinsing machine, pre-treatment and after-treatment machines. We make designs according our customer’s requirement, continuously improve our techniques, optimize designs and also take the issue of environment into consideration. Sunsky now enjoys a good reputation from home and abroad for its quality product and competitive price.

Sunsky always places the product quality and customer’s needs on the utimost position and strives to better serve our valued customers. We work to bring interests both to our customers and ourselves. We respect and treasure employees’ hard work and share with them the value created by the whole team. We conform to the latest standards and emphasize on managerial, technical and technological innovation. We are looking forward to working with more customers worldwide and create more value together. Sunsky will be your best choice to cooperate!

Wuxi Sunsky Machinery Co. Ltd., Wuxi, Jiangsu, China: Products Profile

Normal Temperature Fabric Dyeing Machine

  • UH Normal Temperature Overflow Dyeing Machine
  • SGM38 Normal Temperature Overflow Dyeing Machine

High Temperature Fabric Dyeing Machine

  • OH Series High Temperature Overflow Dyeing Machine
  • SVA High Temperature Rapid Dyeing Machine
  • SLC Dual-loop Loose Dyeing Machine
  • SLA High Temperature Dyeing Machine
  • SVS HT.HP Rapid Dyeing Machine
  • SLC(s) Medium-Batch Sample Dyeing Machine
  • SVT HTHP Rapid Dyeing Machine
  • SOQ HT Airflow Dyeing Machine

Fabric Softening Padder

  • Fabric Softener Padder
  • Yarn Dyeing And Finishing Machinery
  • SS241H New Generation Dyeing Machine
  • SS241B Yarn Dyeing Machine
  • SS241B(S) Sample Dyeing Machine
  • SS241N Yarn Dyeing Machine
  • SS241C Yarn Dyeing Machine
  • SSH80 Hank Yarn Dyeing Machine
  • HT Hank Yarn Dyeing Machine
  • SY Series Hank Yarn Dyeing Machine
  • Small Sample Dyeing Machine
  • SYC Spray Hank Yarn Dyeing Machine
  • RCT-III Yarn Package Drying Machine
  • RDT-64 Cheese Hydro-Extractor
  • TZD Cheese Rounding Machine
  • Cone Yarn Unloading Machine
  • TD Cheese Extruder
  • Package Yarn Carrier

Inverter Control Hydro Extractor

  • Inverter controlled Hydro Extractor
  • Loose Fiber Hydro Extractor
  • Bobbin Yarn Hydro Extractor

Continuous Rope Washing Machine

  • Continuous Multi Rope Washing Machine

Other Dyeing Machines

  • SGD Garment Dyeing Machine
  • Frequency Converted Rolling-Dyeing Machine
  • High Temperature Automatic Dye Jigger

Fabric Inspection Machines

  • HS-150A Tensionless Fabric Inspection Machine
  • Auto Edge Fabric Inspection Machine 505A
  • Knitted Fabric Tensionless Fabric Inspection Machine
  • Automatic Conveyer
  • Auto line Cloth cutting&untwisting scutching Machine
  • Tubular Fabric Slitting Inspection Machine 505C
  • Tubular Fabric Inspection Machine 505D
  • Vertical High Speed Cloth Cutting Machine
  • Cloth Cylinder Horizontal Cloth Cutting Machine
  • Continuous Dehydration Untwisting Slitting Machine
  • Knitting Swing Check Inspection Machine
  • Automatic Seam Fabric Inspection Machine
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