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Yafez Machine Label Machine Industry, Eyup, Istanbul, Turkey

Yafez Machine Label Machine Industry, Eyup, Istanbul, Turkey

Address: Rami Kisla Cad. Gundogar 1 is merk. No.: 68/131 Topcular 34055 Eyup, Istanbul, Turkey
Segment: Manufacturing, Exporting
Expertise: Textile Machinery
Phone: +90(212) 565 86 54
Timing: –

Yafez Machine Label Machine Industry, Eyup, Istanbul, Turkey: Company Profile

Manufacturers & Exporters of Textile Machinery

With our many years of experience we have been serving our valued customers labellers sector abroad and within the country. Satisfaction of our customers is always our work continues uninterrupted to improve our customer relationship – is our first priority. Also needed products we continue to work on R & D to add to our product range.

Yafez Machine customer satisfaction is a company based on innovation and technology has adopted the following principles.

We are in the business since 1998. One machine owner can work for a several textile companies simultaneously. Automatic cut and folding machine can cut fold press, count, stack both woven and printed labels.

Shifting from one operation to another takes just few minutes. Special advantages for the machine are high production capacity and simplicity, which makes it suitable for both large productions and small orders.

Our machine YFZ Belt can work both with woven and printed labels, We are the main market leader at our country. We manufacture 4, 5 label cut and fold machines every year.

We have manufactured YFZ-MSL model with several different folding templates. It has different templates for each type of folding.

We started to manufacture label embossing machine at 2009 year. With this machine you can make different embossed shapes and writings on woven labels. This is the latest fashion for the woven labels.

Yafez Machine Label Machine Industry, Eyup, Istanbul, Turkey: Products Profile

  • YFZ-EMBOSS — Embossing Machine
  • YFZ-MSL — Label Cut and Folding Machine
  • YFZ-SONIC — Ultrasonic Cutting Machine
  • YFZ-JET — Only Cutting Machine
  • YFZ-INT — Interlining Machine
  • YFZ-WIND — Winding Machine
  • YFZ-BELT — Label Cutting and Folding Machine
  • YFZ-WELD — Welding Machine

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