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Tuscarora Yarns, Mt. Pleasant: Heather, Melange Yarn

Tuscarora Yarns, Mt. Pleasant: Heather, Melange Yarn

Category: Textile Company
Address: 8760 East Franklin Street PO Box 218, Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina, USA
Segment: Manufacturing, Spinning, Exporting
Expertise: Yarn, Fibre
Phone: (+1) 704 436-6527, (+1) 704 436-9461
Timing: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Manufacturers & Exporters of Yarns Since 1899

Company Profile

Tuscarora Yarns! Established in North Carolina August of 1899, Tuscarora Yarns is the oldest and largest specialty yarn manufacturer in the United States. Our focus on innovation and our attention to customers’ needs continue to be our formula for success.

At Tuscarora Yarns, we are passionate about unmatched quality and product innovation. We offer our customers four important advantages:

  • Highly specialized color creation and color matching capabilities
  • Excellent turnaround times
  • Outstanding production capabilities
  • Unmatched quality and product innovation

With a history that dates back 100 years, we know the power of specialization.

Tuscarora Yarns has been a reliable spun yarn source for the apparel and textile industry since 1899. Over the past 110 years, the company has grown to be the largest manufacturer in the United States of cotton heather and melange yarns. Both ring spun and open-end equipment are used to produce a very eclectic line of spun yarns with unsurpassed quality.

Tuscarora Yarns’ motto is “Spinning the Products of Imagination“. Through the experience of its creative work force and state of the art technology, Tuscarora Yarns strives to transform customers’ ideas into profitable realities. Unmatched color creation and matching begin in a unique R&D facility that is set up with a mini-manufacturing center, enabling it to develop customer color submits in a matter of minutes. Orders are processed with a just-in-time attitude while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Tuscarora Yarns works with a wide range of fibers to produce heather, sophisticated melanges, mock twists, solids and other specialty yarns. This list of fibers includes, but is not limited to, cotton, polyester, acrylic, rayon, Modal, Tencel, flax, wool and silk. Many of these can be spun in their 100% form or can be blended with one another. Yarns are offered in carded, semi-combed and “Five Star Brand” fully combed qualities. The general count range is from 4/1 to 40/1 utilizing both ring spun and open-end spinning. Plied yarns are available in the full count range and in both spinning types. Slub yarns, nub yarns and core spun yarns are also available.

Through Tuscarora’s international sales and marketing organization, business can be efficiently handled on a global scale. Tuscarora’s bilingual staff has received extensive education in international sales and documentation in preparation for handling all aspects of international trade. Tuscarora also offers package dyed, specialty synthetic and recycled cotton yarns through partner companies.

Products Profile


Tuscarora Yarns innovation is designed from the very beginning – with the fiber.

Tuscarora Yarns works with a wide range of fibers to produce heather, sophisticated melanges, mock twists, solids and other specialty yarns.


Tuscarora Yarns designs and produces specialty yarns used to create popular, profitable products. We utilize the most up-to-date technology for the most efficient production of the highest quality products. Throughout our plants, you’ll see quality equipment names such as Rieter, Schlafhorst, Zinser, Murata, Crosrol, Marzoli, Amsler and Trutzschler.

With a total of three manufacturing facilities, Tuscarora produces in excess of 3.5 million pounds of finished specialty yarns per month. All of our locations operate 24 hours a day,  seven days a week.

To discover more about our extensive range of yarn products, please see the areas to the right.

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