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Uniexcel Group Holding Co. Ltd.: Taipei, Taiwan

Uniexcel Group Holding Co. Ltd.: Taipei, Taiwan Silk Yarn and Fabric Manufacturer

Address: 10th Floor, 356 Fu Hsing North Road, Taipei 104, Taiwan
Segment: Manufacturing, Exporting
Expertise: Silk, Yarn, Fabric
Phone: + 886-2-25068570

The Uniexcel Group Holding Co Ltd is the holding co. for the Uniexcel Group of companies headed by promoters with more than 30 years of rich experience in International Business, and it consists of the following subsidiaries:

  • Uniexcel Ltd.
  • Uniexcel (HK) Ltd. Tun Wa Industrial Co. Ltd.
  • Tun Wa Umbrella Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
  • Oceanic Petroleum Source (Asia Pacific) Ltd.
  • Grand Dignity Industrial Co. Ltd.
  • Uniexcel China Ltd.
The group focuses on international trading in different range of commodities with customers spread across the world. The Group has its head office in Taipei, Taiwan and branch offices in Shanghai and Shenzhen (in China), India, Bangladesh, Middle East and Nigeria, Myanmar. Over the last 27 years, the business activities of the company have grown steadily owing to the able leadership of the management team and experienced staff members. Total strength of personnel is around 75 in group offices and more than 900 workers are there in manufacturing facilities.

The Group’s diverse products range includes aluminium, copper, ferrous and non-ferrous scrap, industrial tapes, iron ore, oil and petroleum products, PU leather, PVC coated products, raw materials for steel industry, silk yarn and silk fabrics, steel products, textiles and fabrics and umbrella & rain-wear products.

Uniexcel Group has a very talented pool of people who contribute efficiently and manage all the business activities. These experienced personnel have been working in a close group to achieve success. The ever changing customer demands are tracked by the efficient sales team in the company. The experienced team is also engaged in regular research for quality sourcing and inspection of the goods.


Silk Yarn & Fabrics

The Silk Yarn and Fabric items are considered as gem in the Uniexcel Group’s portfolio. We deal in different kind of silk yarns such as Mulberry Raw Silk Yarn, Tussah Silk Yarn, Tussah Native, Thrown Silk Yarn, Dupion Silk Yarn, Tussah Spun Yarn etc.

Silk Fabrics too have a diverse range and comprises of Crepe fabric, Habutai, Georgette fabric, Satin, Flat Chiffon, Wrinkle GGT, Wrinkle Chiffon, Silk Velvet, Silk Brasso, Tabby and Satin products. We are capable of making fancy fabrics with the composition of different yarns, which separates us from the others. We are capable of making fancy fabric, by using and mixing different yarns and this makes us stand out from the rest in this business.

The Silk industry has shown significant growth both domestically and internationally fuelled by new innovations in the field. The ability of the industry to grow is combined with huge innovation opportunities coupled with the skills of the craftsman.

We, at Uniexcel export these silk items to Asia, Europe and Other countries. Uniexcel Group is one of the biggest exporters of Silk Yarn and Fabrics from China. The strength of this portfolio lies in being present across all the warehouses and several core locations in China, presence of well experienced personnel, good inspection houses and excellent packing facilities along with an extremely strong connection with mills.

Textile Yarns & Fabrics

Uniexcel Group has diversified presence in the Textile Yarn and Fabrics business. Textile Yarns includes Nylon Yarn, Polyester Yarn, Spun Yarn, Viscose Yarn, Spandex Yarn, Cotton Yarn etc.

Fabrics are mainly made from two processes- weaving and knitting. The entire range of fabrics-including Tricot Bursh, Viscose Fabric, Polyester Corduroy, Jacket fabric, TR, Super Poly, FDY print is made out of several individual yarn or by blending a few.

We have well experienced personnel for the all round inspection to take care of each and every quality aspects before shipment, development of new quality and its appropriate marketing to serve our customers at best. China is the biggest producer and exporter of these products and our single presence at several core locations in China has placed us in very strong position.

We also export these products from other Asian countries on a very regular basis. Thus the overall export is expanded to Asia, Middle East, Europe and African countries and is witnessing a steady growth.

  • Tricot
  • TR
  • Viscose
  • Super Poly
  • Poly Cord.
  • FDY print
  • Jacket Fabric
  • Textile for Ladies & Kids Garments


Uniexcel Group is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of Umbrella and its parts which include different kinds of fabric. These fabric used in the umbrella are made as per the buyers’ requirement. The panels used in the umbrella are also available for customizations which are made out of metal and plastic components.

China is the sole leader in this trade and our decade old own establishment has placed us very well. We export these components to Asia, Middle East, South America, Europe and other countries. The company is into manufacturing umbrellas for all purposes – Folding Umbrella, Children umbrella, Straight umbrella, Golf Umbrella, Advertising Umbrella, Wooden Shaft Umbrella, Beach Umbrella, and Canopy. All the above mentioned types can be made as per the customized designs and sizes offering the best quality and the price.


Owing to the increase in demand of polymers, polymer industry is one of the fastest growing industries today. Uniexcel Group is in a well-established position in this trade and deals in all kinds of polymers, including Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Polypropylene (PP), High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE), Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA), Polystyrene (PS) etc. in all forms as Prime, Near Prime and Re-cycle quality.

All these Polymers have different grades as per its application and usage in the industry. The company group is very well present in all the possible grades of polymer by virtue of our strong relationship with the refineries and producers across the globe over these years.

We export polymers to countries across Asia, Middle East, Latin America, South East Asia, Africa, Europe and other countries. The cargoes are shipped in all kinds of packaging including small and jumbo bag packing.


The different varieties of Industrial Rubber under the Uniexcel Group product portfolio are Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR), Poly Butadiene Rubber (PBR), Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR), Isoprene Rubber, EPDM Rubber, Butyl Rubber, and Silicone Rubber.

The rubber industry basically caters to two types of customers, one who depends on latex which is used for the production of balloons, gloves, rubber band and latex foam. The second kind of customers are those who use dry rubber sheets for the production of tubes and tyres, erasers, automobile parts and molded goods.

All these rubber products have different grades as per the application and we deal in all of these. We export Rubber to Asia, Middle East, and Europe and the African region.

Chemicals & Petrochemicals

The product portfolio of Uniexcel Group includes acids, alcohols, amines, anhydrites, aromatics, chlorinated solvents, cyanides, esters, ethers, glycols, inorganic chemicals, intermediates, ketones, monomers and oleo chemicals etc.

Petrochemical products comprises of Rubber Process Oil, Base Oil, Slack Wax, Paraffin Wax, Bitumen, Diesel Oil, Crude Naphthalene, Residue Wax, Grease etc.

The company group is very well placed in Chemicals and Petrochemical exports to Asian countries, Latin America, Middle East, Africa and Europe where these are used in industries like clothing, housing, construction, furniture, automobiles, agriculture, irrigation, packaging and pharmaceuticals etc.

Uniexcel Group is capable of moving the cargo in all kinds of packing like bulk, containers, break bulk, Iso Tank, Flexi Tank etc. as per clients’ requirement on both spot and long term contract basis. The quantity of the cargoes varies from 1,000 MT to 15,000MT and this is what which has differentiated us from the others in the distribution field.

Agro Products

The agriculture product portfolio of Uniexcel Group is quite diverse. It has recently ventured into this business and handles the international trading of wheat, rice, maize, sesame seeds and soybean meal.

The focal point of this division lies in procuring the agro products directly from the farmers’ mandi (wholesale markets) as well as from the mills in West Bengal, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh and also from the other states depending upon the quality and the quantity of the products. Uniexcel Group is also tied up with good logistic companies for the smooth and easy transportation of the agro products.

We sell agro products ranging in quantities from 500MT to 30,000MT in containers/Break Bulk depending upon the volume required.

Adhesive Tapes

Adhesive Tapes are the most essential item used in almost all the industries at their different levels of production. These tapes are used for packaging, packing and marking. The adhesive tape is one of the fastest growing industries today.

At Uniexcel Group, we use different kinds of packaging for all our products-ranging from jumbo rolls, log rolls, small rolls in different sizes or any other specified packing as per the market requirement.

Our range of Adhesive Tape includes PVC Insulation Tape, PVC Protection tape, Double Sided Tissue Tape, Packaging Tape, Stationery Tape, AFT Tape, Masking Tape, OPP Tape, Aluminium Foil Tape, Foam Tape, Re-sealable Bag Sealing tape, Permanent Bag Sealing tape, Transfer Tape, Double Side Tapes and Floor marking Tape.

The strength of our company lays in the strong relationship which we have with the quality manufacturers across the globe. Our dedicated team has been assigned to look after the quality control and also provide timely support of the requisite means to our buyers. We are also representing number of well-known suppliers in Far East as their exclusive marketing partner for several Asian countries, where use of these tapes are the most or among the highest in the world.

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